Hunter’s Star Quilt

It’s done!  The hunter’s star quilt is now complete.  It’s my first red and white quilt and I’m thrilled with it.

And the back:

I had just enough red fabric left to reduce the blocks and make two smaller stars.  I gave them a red border and inserted it in the otherwise white backing.   Piecing a little something for the back of my quilts is becoming more fun.

It seems I’ve also become partial to the gray polka dot binding that I’ve used on a couple of other quilts this year.  In this case it was just dark enough to ground the deep red but low key enough to let the stars take center stage.

This quilt was a project I’ve intended to make for quite some time.  It feels good to have it done.



  • Kris

    I love it! You are amazing to find time to do so much.

  • Absolutely gorgeous! I love red and white quilts, and this one is stunning.

  • What a beautiful quilt!!! It is perfect. One day I would love to try one, too.

  • Amy Totin

    Absolutely gorgeous! Can I ask, where did you get the pattern? Was it a website, book, quilt shop? Thanks!

  • Love your quilt. Please tell me where to get this quilt pattern. It is so beautiful

  • Great quilt! I love the binding you used, I would have never thought of it, but what a cool choice!

  • jan

    where can I find the pattern to this beautiful red/white hunter star quilt? Would love to make it.

  • Sandra Cunningham

    Please could you tell me were you got the red and white hunter quilt pattern from thanks

  • Mary Heiligman

    Sandra, look under Scrappy Hunter’s Star Tutorial and it gives direction how to make that quilt and the way I read it -it would be the same pattern only using 2 colors. I am interested in making the red and white one for my grand daughter’s birthday. Tell me if you think this is the same. Thanks

  • Shirley

    I love the red and white. Can you send me the pattern.


    I love this pattern of red and white, could you send me the pattern?

  • Lynne Hamilton

    I would like the pattern for the above quilt…Where do I get it / tks

  • Rosemary

    I love the red and white quilt it is beautiful i would love to do a blue and white one

  • Lori Heath

    What a great pattern and love it in the red and white. Can you please send me the pattern.

  • Patti Laymon

    I love this pattern. Would like to make this for my son. He is a Veteran of the Afghanistan and Iraqi War. Where can I get the pattern?

  • Pauline Polson

    Love that red and white hunter star

  • Susan MacPherson

    Hi there! I started your red and white Hunter’s star quilt a year ago and had to put it away before I was able to finish it. I was hoping you could send me the instructions so that I can finish it. Thanks so much:))

  • jennifer

    I am currently writing the pattern for the Hunter’s Star quilt, and hope to have it ready to publish soon. I promise I’ll let you know when it is ready! Thanks, Jennifer

  • Marlie Stott

    Love your quilt. I would love to make one

  • jennifer

    Marlie, I’m writing the pattern now! I’m so glad you like it. It’s a really fun quilt to make.

  • Catherine

    When you have this pattern written will you send it to me, please?
    It’s so beautiful, would love to make one for my daughter. Thanks in advance.

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