Simple. Quality. {week 31}


Oh my, am I tired!  My eyelids began drooping just typing the title of this post.  This will have to be a quick one!

We had a fantastic week.  It was a week of constant moving and doing which both stretched and gratified all of us.  The half birthday party on Tuesday was a success.  I’ll share more as soon as I can find a minute to sort through pictures, but what matters was her happiness.   Thursday was spent taking all of my children to Park City for a soccer tournament, where most of us sat in the sun and watched games for 12 hours.  We played at every playground we could find within sight of the fields, went shopping for school clothes, ate picnic meals and had a great time.  The experience was repeated again on Friday (beginning with the same early hour: 5 am) but with my husband also along for the fun and a birthday girl to celebrate.  We cheered our daughters/sisters, played at parks, skated at skate parks and celebrated the birthday on the road.  By the time the last soccer game was underway I had children laying on the grass refusing to do another thing in the name of soccer.  One curled up under the chair for a nap and others zonked in the car as soon as their seat belts were buckled.  Sunburned and exhausted, we raced our injured daughter who now had a sprained ankle to add to the list of complaints to physical therapy while the rest of us ran home to pack the car for a highly logical next activity:  camping.  We had a great time in the mountains, and our 3rd daughter opened her birthday presents in the car on the way up the canyon.   My husband and I enjoyed a double date with some friends on Saturday night.  It was a week of more answered prayers than I can count, a week of gratitude, a week of talking a lot about what it means to be a family and support one another.  And laughter – we had so many rich moments of laughter.

It all sounds so simple as I type it, but living it felt intense, like having to always be in high gear.  It’s catching up to me tonight and I’m hoping for a good night’s sleep.   I’m trying to break into a new stage of mothering and feel that in general I handled the week quite well.  It’s nice to see yourself improving every once in a while.

With all we had going on I’m sorely behind on laundry, thank you notes (of which I have dozens to write after my birthday), grocery lists, and just about everything around the house.  I have thanked the Lord many times this week for the gift of having more to do than time to do it in – I cannot imagine a life of not knowing what to do next.  We’re in the stage when, after all our resources and energy are depleted the need for us to be full of strength is undiminished.  I am continually amazed at how rejuvenating it is to kneel in prayer, go down the list, and then get up and get back to work with faith that it will all work out.  It always has and I’m learning to allow that truth to push the boundaries of my faith and be a little less daunted at what lies ahead.  I am inspired by the example of amazing friends who I think of many times each day as I push myself to be better, inspired by the goodness of so many people in my life’s circle.  And I am grateful for the power of 15 minutes, because most of the time it’s all I’ve got.

This is as coherent as I get tonight.  More specifics next time.  Have a great week!


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