Simple. Quality. {week 34}


I’m checking in a day late as the weekend was particularly full of good things.  Saturday my husband and I celebrated our 17th wedding anniversary.  We marked the day in a simple way with dinner together, but have had several awesome conversations about what we’re going to do in the next seventeen years.  Man, I love him! It’s going to be great!  We also kicked off our 2nd daughter’s soccer season with a drive to Logan for her first game, where I got to see my sister and her husband for a couple of hours.  My parents flew into town that night and on Sunday we all gathered at my brother’s home with his beautiful family to witness and celebrate the blessing of their second son.  Good times, good memories, good things to celebrate.

We are now one week into the school year, and as I type this I’m sitting here listening to my daughter tutor her brother on his math homework while I wait for tomorrow’s breakfast to finish baking in the oven.  The skies have been gray most of the day and I can’t help but anticipate the change of seasons.  My kindergartener starts tomorrow – her first day of school.  What a day!  It’s hard to believe it’s actually here.  It’s been a week of tired children and random naps for my youngest – one of them resulting in a few late night hours of non-stop chatter in which we discussed in depth what a foundation is literally as well as what a foundation is in our personal lives, followed by a discussion of why baby birdies can’t fly.  Oh, that girl makes me laugh.  She is such a product of placement in family; half of what she says advertises the fact that she lives with teenagers.  My goals to smile, savor and laugh were all met this week with her generous help.

I’m still adjusting to my new early morning workout time but it’s going well and I’m happy to be doing it.  I feel like 90% of what I’m doing at this stage in my life is investing in something which won’t bring discernible results for months or years to come.  As a result I’m getting better at being happy with myself for doing what is right and trying to let go of how quickly I see (or don’t see) the end results.  I did have a couple of days of feeling a bit down.  It’s good for me to get on my knees and tell Heavenly Father that I don’t feel well, but ask for help with acting well anyway and I appreciated those moments this week.  I had some cavities filled on Thursday which resulted in a bad TMJ flare up and a lot of pain on one side of my face.  For some reason it’s really lingering this time and now I have an ugly bruise about the size of a golf ball on my cheek to prove it.  It’s humbling walking around with a partly green face but I did notice a big improvement today in how it felt.  Hooray!  We’ve had all sorts of fun “life” moments around here with a kitchen sink that wasn’t working properly, a door latch that suddenly quit working on a car, and a few other random things.  There is definitely no shortage of things to take care of!

Not surprisingly, almost all of my effort this week has gone to help smooth the transition to school.  Focus on routines, habits, schedules is essential in our home right now.  I’m also working on adjusting my morning routines so I can get more housekeeping done before kindergarten.  I feel determined to be effective this year.

Throughout it all, though, is a beautiful rhythm and I’ve been more aware of it this week.  It’s the beat of a family living together with all the helping, loving, building, fighting, sharing and jostling that comes with commitment.  It’s laughter, the sound of shrieking when young children are tickled, the joking of teenagers, the sound of the door opening and closing every 30 seconds and a soccer ball bouncing off of every surface of the house.  I remind myself to soak it in, to love every minute because it means “we’re all here” and I’m aware that our days of “all here” are numbered.  So you tickle a few more backs, memorize a few more moments and work harder.

It’s now past my bedtime (again!) so I’m going to dispense with the specific rundown of goals and wish you a fantastic week.  I hope the sun is shining where you are, and that your week is off to a great start!



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