Simple. Quality. {week 35}


The skies are so overcast that it feels much later than it is.  Most of the house quickly seems dark; the lighted kitchen is bathed in a lovely soft light as my family enjoys second and third helpings of their favorite meal for dinner.  In the darkening quiet just a few feet away I sit, my eyelids suddenly heavy with sleepiness as I consider the week.

Yesterday I sat with my notebook and re-read everything I’ve written about my goals this year, noticing that in some areas I’ve consistently performed well and in others I’m consistently found lacking.  I’ve had a desire lately to face my life head-on, to push nothing to the side with the thought that I’m too busy to deal with it right now.  I want to be able to say that in every area of my life where I’m dissatisfied, I’m actively DOING something to fix it.   The desire left me with things to think about.

We made it through the first week of kindergarten, and the most taxing part had nothing to do with the little girl carrying a new purple backpack on her shoulders and everything to do with the four year old girl who was left behind.  I suspected it would be hard for her and clearly I was right.  The exhaustion of the school schedule seemed to hit everyone by the end of the week and I found myself reminding  myself that there was a reason for grouchier behavior than usual.  I am grateful we have tomorrow to get extra sleep and pull things together.

A few quick things:

As for smiling, savoring and laughing… my mouth and cheek have hurt so much for the past few weeks that I haven’t been smiling enough.  In fact, hardly at all – because it hurts!  Gotta fix that.  I did, however, laugh harder than I have laughed in a VERY long time when at 4:30 a.m. my husband dove out of bed in his sleep due to a dream he was having.  The poor guy had worked most of the night, arriving home at 3:30 a.m. and certainly did not get much rest.  The whole thing struck me as so funny that I was laughing about it all day – all weekend, if I’m honest.  He claims he’s never seen me laugh so hard.

Influence – I’ve been thinking more about this word, this goal, and repeating to myself the sentence, “I am the creative force of my own life.”  I realize this truth really ought to be the glue running through all my other goals.  I’m going to take more seriously the power of my influence and be the creative force I sometimes wish would just appear.

I’m still getting up at 5 am on weekdays to exercise.

I reached one of my “live ahead” goals, having something completed more than two weeks early.  It’s a semi-secret project at the moment, but I’ll share pictures soon.


As I reviewed my goals for my family, I found that the areas I feel weakest in are also those that mean the most to me, namely, urgency in important matters and injecting the Spirit.  It’s not that we’re not talking about these things all the time; I just don’t feel effective.  I am hopeful that the routines of the school year will help me build more of this into our daily structure.

I know I can do this.  I know it will work out.  I know things will come together.

Life is good!  (And I am so very tired!)


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