Simple. Quality. {week 43}


I’m popping in for a quick visit tonight, anxious to get some sleep and start a new week.  November is here and I couldn’t be happier.  The Thanksgiving season is one of my favorite times of the year, the perfect backdrop for the Christmas season.  I love having these weeks to ponder the abundance in my life as the weather turns cold and we pull in a little.  This time of year always reminds me of various books I’ve read since girlhood of life on the frontier, and that cozy feeling of sheltering in for the winter with the year’s harvest all stored away.  It makes me think that in some ways life hasn’t changed much; I believe that today we yearn for the warmth of a fire, a good book, favorite quilt and our loved ones around us just as people did generations ago.   The thought makes me smile a little and consider that in the end, humanity has so much more in common than not, regardless of the age you live in.  Right now my head is full of plans and my heart is still busy being an attentive student to the many lessons I’m being taught about life, love and what really matters.  All the feelings I was swimming in last week have led to more lessons learned, more heartfelt conversations, more distilling of ideas and visions and goals.  I realize I’m a slow learner when it comes to implementing things most of the time, so I’m thankful that the Lord continues to lead me along.  And I’ve marvelled a little at His generosity, both the generosity of what I can see Him doing, and the generosity of all my eyes are not yet opened to.  Once again my heart returns to what I heard my dear friend Bonnie declare more than 18 years ago, “God’s economy is one of abundance.”  I can certainly testify to that.

So, with that backdrop I’ll summarize quickly.  I’m not finding it particularly easy to parent teenagers.  Some days are fabulous and sometimes I feel great about what I’ve done, but lots of times I feel like I make a mess of things and lots of times I feel like they make a mess of things also!   I did all of that this week, and am learning how important it is for me to be able to set aside my stress when I am talking to them and focus on being happy instead.  If I do that, things go ok.  I smiled and enjoyed so many little moments with my younger children this week.  They are so precious to me!  I’m not sure how well I used my influence this week,  but I did feel like some relationships were strengthened.  I’ve been battling a nasty headache this week and am focusing on getting more sleep.  Lots of work is taking place in the “live ahead” area of my goals, especially with three birthdays yet to go before Christmas.  As for embracing technology, I’m keeping my gratitude list this year on instagram, and have a few ideas for something I might do with those pictures.

Most of my extra time this week has gone into various sorting projects.  I’m trying to work my way through my entire house and get rid of everything we don’t need.  Some days I feel unsuccessful, but the pile to donate is getting larger and I like that.  I know this will bless our quality of life.  It was a busy week with Halloween but I think we took care of the most important things and did our best on everything else.  Still trying to help my children aim higher but not necessarily seeing any arrows hit their mark.  That’s ok; my job is to help send them and help raise their trajectory.   I took my daughter on a fun date to a Jazz game, watched another daughter play her first two futsal games, and attended the last flag football game of the season.  Another soccer team is practicing again and we had a fun Halloween.  Life is busy and happy as it should be.

I am grateful to be living my life, grateful for all that it holds.  How blessed I am.

Have a great week!

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