Old Mirror Frame Repurposed

I was driving past a local antique store and this piece caught my eye.
IMG_7191 (Large)
I can’t really explain why.  It just did.  It’s part of a frame of an old mirror that was built to sit atop a dresser.
I like it upside down.  It looks like someone cut a sliver off  an old table or something.  I bought it.

I liked the detail on the wood, too.
IMG_7192 (Large)
I also like the distressed edges (of course).
IMG_7190 (Large)
I’m trying to do a better job of purchasing only things that will be useful, things that I have a purpose for (and space too!).  I confess this piece was one that I had no clue what to do with.  I brought it home and put it in my office to think about it.

And then I looked about 2 feet to my left and saw the mirror leaning on the wall atop my fabric cabinet.
And I thought “I wonder….”

And what do you know, it fits perfectly atop the mirror.
IMG_7189 (Large)
I think I like it.  It’s a little unexpected, but I sort of like that.
IMG_7194 (Large)2
Yes, I know the window needs curtains.  It’s on my list.  The only trouble is, the room has 6 windows, which is probably a major reason why there still aren’t any.  Plus, I love all the natural light in that room.
IMG_7193 (Large)
So there’s my old mirror frame turned architectural detail.  Kind of fun.
It’s also the record holder for the fastest time in going from “where to put it” to “aha!”

I can handle that.

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