Lone Star Tutorials


Welcome!  Below is a list of quick links to my tutorial, lone star quilt patterns, and lone star quilts I’ve made.  I hope you find them useful and inspiring.

Lone Star Block Tutorial
:  This is my original, step-by-step tutorial for making a simple lone star quilt block with 9 diamonds in each star section.  It’s full of photos and tips, and also contains a link to a PDF for a simplified set of instructions.  You can also download the PDF below:

Lone Star Simplified Tutorial PDF (UPDATE)

Lone Star Christmas Tree Skirt Sew Along Page:
This page contains links to all posts and videos with instruction and tips for making a lone star tree skirt.

Pattern Available here.

Mod Lone Star Quilt Pattern:

This pattern makes a 70″ x 90″ single block quilt.  Pieced with the same method used in my Lone Star Block tutorial, it uses wider, and additional strips to make a stunning quilt.  An excellent project if you want to make a lone star quilt without making multiple blocks.

Pattern available here.

Mod Indigo Lone Star Quilt:

This is a 62″ quilt made with the Mod Lone Star Quilt pattern , but without adding borders.  It demonstrates the beauty of using just one color in a lone star.

Mod Christmas Lone Star quilt top:

Another version of the Mod Lone Star .  Measures 70″ x 90″ and the light round of diamonds next to the red is striking.

Lucky Lone Star Quilt:

This traditional lone star quilt features 64 diamonds in each section of the star to make a lone star block with 512 total diamonds.  When planning this quilt , I asked myself this question:  “If I was lucky enough to find the perfect vintage lone star quilt shop in some antique store, what would it look like?”  Then I made it.

Pattern available here

Lone Star Party Quilt:

This is an improv quilt made with 8 different sizes of lone star blocks. Every block is a basic, 3 strip, 9 diamond block, but they are made in all different sizes by using different widths when cutting my strips.  The sizes used are all mentioned in Table 3 of my PDF.  This quilt was an experiment in using the traditional lone star block in a modern way.  I loved making this quilt!


Whimsy Christmas Lone Star Quilt:

This quilt was made using 2″ strips of fabric and is traditional in layout.  I mixed things up a bit by using large scale prints instead of small ones just for fun.