Lucky Lone Star Quilt – A Finished Quilt and a New Pattern

It was a good morning.  My hard work the evening before had set me ahead of schedule on the day’s tasks, and I felt satisfied with life.  A text message came and the day got even better:  my Lucky Lone Star Quilt was done!  I raced to pick it up, bring it home, spread it out in my living room… and then I danced a happy dance.

First of all, that blue!  It is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made with color in a quilt.  But the purpose of these photos is to show off Melissa’s gorgeous quilting .

The question I asked
when planning and making the quilt top decided the quilting as well; I looked at it and saw traditional orange peel quilting in the star and modern straight lines in the blue background. (Edited to add: blue solid is a Moda Bella solid, number 9900 167, Amelia Blue) I was lucky enough to have the perfect amount of plaid fabric left to make a binding.  Soon I’d finished the quilt (followed, I must admit, by another little happy dance).  Really, quilting is such a personal and creative experience; so much of us goes into them!  It’s wonderful when a quilt makes my soul bubble over with joy, and this one does that every time I look at it.

I make a lot of quilts.  I hope this is one that my children keep when I’m gone.

This lucky lone star quilt is a sister quilt to my Mod Lone Star quilt .  Lucky has smaller, and more diamonds in it and the quilt itself is just a little bit smaller.  Both quilts use the same technique with beautiful results.  (pattern information below!!)

I told Melissa what I wanted in the star and in the background, but the borders were hers to decide. She added a beautiful feather design in the top and bottom borders of the quilt.  I love her choice and her quilting adds to my feeling that this is, indeed, my lucky lone star quilt.

More good news:  the pattern is also finished and available now in my Etsy shop !  This is a fun project, and videos to aid in making one are currently in production.  You can download the pattern here , which also includes a coloring page for planning, then choose fabrics and get started!

I hope you will sew along, but even more than that, I wish for you some lucky moment that makes you dance a happy dance.

Love, Jennifer


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