Welcome to Hopeful Homemaker!

I’m Jennifer, and I’m so glad you’re here.

You’ll find mostly quilts in this space, as it’s become my primary creative medium.  All my life I wanted to make art, and quilts are art we can wrap around people we love.  What a gift!  I believe we’re all creative, we’re all artists, and most of us (often including me) just need a boost of courage.
But if there is just one thing you take away with you, I hope it’s a feeling of encouragement.

I want to be an encourager.

I think we all need more of it in this crazy world, so I hope my writing will send you back to your life feeling lighter, more hopeful, more like you can face your hard things and grow.

Maybe you wonder about the name of my blog.  Admittedly it’s a little strange for a quilt-maker.  I started blogging back in 2009 when I had 8 young children and every day was an adventure in family life and trying to make ends meet on many levels.  At the time I didn’t know quilting would become such an aid to me emotionally.  I just knew I needed hope, and I needed to believe that I could succeed in this, my life’s chosen work.

I still need to believe that.

If I could choose just one quilt that captures what I’m trying to accomplish, it’s my Refuge Quilt , and it sums up what I’m trying to accomplish.  My faith in Jesus Christ is my foundation and my primary source of strength.  It also reflects my love of color, scraps, and my desire to “sew my story” into quilts.

Fast forward to now, and my life is full of 8 teenagers and young adults.  What a joy!  They are great people who are trying to show up and grow up while becoming who they’re meant to be.  I treasure the privilege of a front row seat to their stories.

I am imperfect, my family is imperfect, my quilts are imperfect.  My Savior, however, is perfect.  What He offers me is the reason for my hope.

In spite of everything that is hard and ugly about life and the world, I believe people are essentially good.  Life gets harder but it gets better.  The best things in life are people and relationships.  We all need to be humble and repent daily.  We are all the family of God.  It’s good to be alive.

So welcome to Hopeful Homemaker , the place where I write about the quilts I wrap around my people, and share snippets of my heart.

Love, Jennifer


  • rosa higgins

    What a wonderful family. May God truly bless your family in all ways and for His glory. Thank you for sharing pictures and stories.

  • So SO funny!!! Up at quiltbliss I was saying how I really wanted to make a giant swoon quilt. I just googled it and found the tutorial on your blog :). Happy coincidence 🙂

  • Elena Tonim

    Adorei seus trabalhos e sua família também. Tenho alguns amigos do Brasil que moram aí em Utah e sonho um dia poder estar aí. Um grande abraço.

  • Tammy

    I stumbled onto your blog while looking for ideas for my daughter who teaches First Grade at Temple View Ele. in Idaho Falls! We also have 8 children, 8 kids in 10 years, no twins … except – mine are all pretty much grown up now, sniff sniff – I miss the days when we were all home and under one roof. TRUST ME… this time goes by WAY too fast! Enjoy Every Crazy Moment. Currently we have 3 kids out serving missions. One in Vegas (comes home in May!!) one in Florida (comes home in June) and one still in the MTC! The overlap will only be for a few months!! We now live in Canada, but we lived in Utah for 8 years and we miss it terribly. But we were called “home” to Canada to help with extended family. Take care and don’t neglect these important things: family prayers, family scripture study; fhe and especially Sunday meetings! Teach the 4th AofF and the Plan of Salvation Over and Over!! And spend a lot of time talking to each other. Play, play, play!! Bless your happy little family!! Take care!

  • You are a wonderful young lady. I say young because I have been married exactly 30 years more than year. Three children and 4 grandchildren later I consider myself really really lucky. Not a lot of money but a lot of love and I am so adding your website to both of my blogs so I will never miss anything you post. Time goes by so fast you just don’t notice it because it goes by a day at a time. Enjoy being a mom for the first time and a homemaker for the first time because everything you do in life is for the first time. Enjoy. Patti xxx

  • Peg Niland

    Hi Jennifer, What a nice family you have. I was one of seven and
    then my husband,Paul and I had five…Always grateful they were healthy.
    I can see you are a very busy lady. I did correspond with you via email
    about a copy of the directions for the Lone Star quilt…I am willing to pay you for the copies and postage.. Please let me know the amount
    I live in Florida now although I will always be a Bostonian!!!!!!!!
    Thank You, Peg Niland

  • Hilary Adams

    hi just a quick hello from Shropshire England to say how much I enjoyed your tutorial especially the Y seaming . Many thanks Hilary

  • Yolanda H English

    Hi, I’m new here. You have a lovely family and it is quite a challenge for a family to strive and grow. I am one of
    nine and am the oldest. (7 girls & 2 boys). I really find your tutorial on the lone star pattern really good! I am going
    to try to make one for my daughter who is getting marry in September 2016. Thank you so much and may your family be bless always.

  • Carolyn Williamson

    I love your attitude about God leading us where we belong and you doing such a loving job.
    The family is beautiful.

  • wendy

    is there a way to make another round of Dimond to make a little bigger?

  • I would love to get the PDF file for the Lone Star Tutorial. My grandmother left behind many unfinished quilt toppers with the Lone Star pattens.

  • Juanita Pierce

    Hello! I just discovered your website from a post on Pinterest. Your quilts are beautiful and amazing. Your positive attitude is inspirational. Keep it going my dear. I’m going to enjoy reading your blog.

  • Marge Wilson

    I have been admiring the Lone Star quilt on your tutorial. I have been looking for an actual pattern (pdf, book or single pattern) for a king size version. I do well at piecing, but not so well at enlarging and figuring fabric amounts. My granddaughter loves that pattern too & would like it for her bed. Can you give me suggestions?

  • linda

    I have been looking for some help in making a quilt. This is perfect! Thank you for the easy to follow instructions! You have made my day. Thank you so much!

  • Jeanne Reinisch

    Oh my….where is the Fireworks quilt block? It’s stunning.

  • jennifer

    Jeanne, It’s a pattern by Camille Roskelley of Thimbleblossoms. You can find it on her website. Thanks!

  • Pat Stoudt

    Is there a tutorial for the fireworks block. My sisters and I love the block but can’t seem to find a pattern.
    Thanks so much.

  • jennifer

    Hi Pat, it’s a pattern by Camille Roskelley of Thimbleblossoms. I’m sure she still sells it on her site. Thanks!

  • Evangeline

    Hi Jennifer, I love reading your story about your faith in our Lord Jesus Christ! I have a question about the blue and white flower at the top of the page. Is there a pattern for how to make that? It looks kind of like a crochet or some kind of needle work flower that’s white in the center with blue pointy petals. Thank you!

  • jennifer

    Hi Evangeline,
    Yes, that’s an embroidery of a Colorado Columbine. It’s the Colorado state flower (that color, specifically). I sketched it years ago for a project I was working on. You can find more about it in this post, which includes a very simple pattern that’s free: https://hopefulhomemaker.com/2017/05/02/columbine-embroidery/ I’ll email you as well to make sure you see it. I’m so glad you liked it!
    Thanks, Jennifer

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