100th Post

I realized last night I’ve posted 99 times to my blog.  So for this, my 100th post, I wanted to share a few things I’ve learned about myself, blogging and the blog world.

1.  It’s a lot more fun than I thought it would be.
2.  It’s super cheap therapy.
3.  There are some really amazing women out there, doing beautiful things with their blogs, their businesses, their lives.
4.  I’d like to meet a lot of them.
5.  As in other areas of life, it’s easy to see the neat things others are doing and want to do it all… and end up being successful at nothing.  Priorities are the key.
6.  I’ve noticed that people write about their faith on their blogs.  They do it without apology, including it simply because it’s part of who they are, what they do, how they think.  They’re not preaching;  just being themselves.  I like that.  I like feeling like there’s a place where people are able to be genuine and real and where they don’t have to separate their faith from the rest of their lives.
7.  I really want to learn how to take better pictures. (I should probably read my owner’s manual for my Canon) 8.  Suddenly I wish I knew a lot about web design and programming.  Funny thing is, my husband is a programmer but I hate to bother him with my silly little blog when he’s got real projects with real deadlines to work on.
9.  I know I’ve merely put my toe into the world of blogs, but it’s been a fun discovery.  Reading about what others (meaning regular people like me) are trying and doing helps me swallow my fear of failure and just try something.  I am reminded that creativity is an essential part of life, and that finding beauty in everyday things is a key to happiness. I love seeing so many people doing that.
10.  100 posts later, I’m a little more hopeful.  Hopeful that I’ll reach my goals, hopeful that I’ll get my house clean, hopeful that our family is on the right track.  Hopeful that from my little corner of the world, I can make home a better place to be and (hopefully) help somebody else along the way.  (Do you think I could use the word hopeful a few more times in 3 sentences?)  But remember my goal:  nurture hope.  Hope in everyday, family life.
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Happy day to you!

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