Christmas decor pick

I promised myself that I wouldn’t buy any new Christmas decorations this year.  (I’m allowing myself a small project or two.)  For the most part what I’ve seen in stores and catalogs is beautiful, but I can use what I have to achieve the look I want.  I really just want a feeling of peace in my home, which has more to do with squabbling children than with decorations!

But if I was going to buy anything, it would be this:
I really love these vintage looking bells from Pottery Barn .  They’re larger than they look; I really like the smaller three.

Viva Terra
also has some really pretty tiny ones that would be fun to tie on a wreath.

I was honestly very tempted by these.  I don’t think I would pack them up after Christmas, but would probably find a use for them around my house.  BUT, by the time I buy one of each I’ve just spent close to $100, which makes it not so tempting.  But it is fun to dream of hanging them!

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