My Cuppycake is TWO!

Today my daughter is two years old, and a more delightful two year old girl could not be found.
She has thoroughly enjoyed the day.  The excitement began yesterday, with a visit from her Aunt Kristen and Uncle Jake, with a special gift just for her.  She’s been saying, “Kisen and Jake give it me, and Jake open it for me.”  The little doggy even went to church with us today.
IMG_8926 (Large)2
IMG_8928 (Large)2
IMG_8929 (Large)2
IMG_8931 (Large)2
This morning she looked lovely in her beautiful dress (given to her by Grandma earlier this year) even though she threw a five star fit while wearing it.
IMG_8957 (Large)
IMG_8960 (Large)
IMG_8963 (Large)
IMG_8962 (Large)
I have never seen a two year old sing “Happy Birthday” to themselves with so much gusto, or with such a sassy little “cha cha cha!” at the end.  She opened each gift with pure delight, making us laugh and smile the entire time.
IMG_8982 (Large)
IMG_8989 (Large)
And as I watched her, I couldn’t help but marvel at how quickly two years have passed.  How much we love her.  How sweet she is.  How can it have been two years already?
IMG_9021 (Large)2
IMG_9018 (Large)2
IMG_9009 (Large)2
She has been such a delight!
IMG_8990 (Large)2
IMG_9014 (Large)
Grandma and Grandpa called to wish her a happy birthday and she strolled around with the phone to her ear, chatting like a teenager.  She even gave them a tour of the Christmas tree.
IMG_9039 (Large)2
IMG_9036 (Large)2
IMG_9037 (Large)2
IMG_9040 (Large)2
At last, birthday cake complete with two candles and another round of “Happy Birthday” complete with her “cha cha cha” at the end.
IMG_9047 (Large)
IMG_9048 (Large)
After modeling the new ballerina pajamas her grandparents gave her (complete with tutu), she climbed on my lap and announced that she wanted to brush her teeth and go to bed.  A full, happy day for our darling cuppycake.
IMG_9057 (Large)2
IMG_9060 (Large)2
She is fast asleep, and as I review the day I’m happy to say that now I am officially done with birthdays for the year.
We had two last month:
IMG_8577 (Large)2
Our sweet oldest daughter turned 11, and on Thanksgiving weekend our second son turned 9.
IMG_8808 (Large)
Now we have our birthday break:  3 whole months before the next one!  Just in time.

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