Merry Christmas!

We spent Christmas Eve with my husband’s brother and his family last night, remembering the reason for the holiday.

empty manger

With costumes on, the children (14 in all!) quietly portrayed the events recorded in the New Testament surrounding the birth of Jesus Christ.

As I photographed the production, I noticed something.  Having a real baby in our own little manger changed the feeling a little.  The excitement really was about that little bundle in a rough wood box.

They all wanted to be close to the manger, gathering around it in a circle.

The baby truly was center stage, the object of their attention.

As I watched this awesome group, I realized that they were teaching us a silent lesson.

Christmas really is all about baby Jesus.  It reminded me of my favorite Christmas embroidery:

I hope we all will spend a few quiet minutes today, kneeling in the stable. Adoring Him.

It will make all our lives more stable.

Merry Christmas to you, from our family, and especially from our little angel who’s taking this all in for the first time.


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