Little One Step

I want to introduce you to the board book that I bought for myself.  Yes, for myself.

A few weeks ago I woke up with the familiar heaviness in my heart… the weight of the world and the wish that I didn’t have to get up and deal with it all.  One morning my eyes fell on this little gem, and I laid in bed and re-read it.  Then I cried.

It’s called Little One Step by Simon Jamespicture of Little One Step by Simon James

It’s the story of three little ducks who have become lost.  The littlest of them all is frightened by their plight.

So his big brother teaches him how to solve the problem:

You put one foot in front of the other, and take ONE step.  So they continue on their search for home, and it gets tough again.

The answer:

picture of Little One Step by Simon James

You can guess how the story ends.

picture of Little One Step by Simon James

This book is a sweet little one, and I confess that lately I feel a lot like Little One Step.

picture of Little One Step by Simon James

In all honesty, the book isn’t a favorite with the crowd that typically uses board books.  The illustrations lack enough color and contrast for my babies to stay interested.  However, I love the book because I love the lesson it teaches, and because it’s a sweet way to share this lesson with children who are a little bit older.

I love being reminded that problems are solved if we just take small steps.

Picture of Little One Step by Simon James

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