One Step Report #3

It’s been an interesting week.  My baby has decided that crying from 9 pm to midnight is a lovely way to spend the evenings, and it’s set us all back a bit, especially when she wakes up at 1:30 a.m. and every hour afterward.  What happened to the 6 hours of solid sleep she’s been getting?  The kids had to wake ME up for school on Friday because I was so exhausted that I didn’t hear my own alarm.  Not good.

Because of the long nights and the sleep deprived fog that is clouding my brain, I expected to report a low number of steps this week, but the count is actually 51.  Wow.  Again, most of them are little things, small moments when I made the right choice as a mother in an interaction with a child (which is harder, not easier, when you’re tired), but weeks like this are exactly why I’m on this journey.  The to do list cannot be the only judge of my success.  The one step list reminds me that my days are not wasted, and that I am investing in a work which won’t pay off for many years to come.  Still, it’s the wisest and best investment I’ll ever make.

With that said, here are my highlights.  First, I’ve been making “green” shakes in the mornings for us to drink.  These consist of ice, frozen fruit, chopped dark leafy greens (swiss chard, spinach, collard greens) and some canned fruit all mixed in a blender.  No juice, sweeteners, etc.

blender with fresh food

I’ve been making them since the beginning of the year, and the whole family likes them.  I’m now starting to crave them.  I figure that’s a good thing.

Second, we’re making progress with this one.  Notice that she’s writing on PAPER!  We just might be able to cure her of her obsession with murals on my walls.

Third, I was able to get started on my project using these (more to come on this later)…

bird nest full of ribbon

And last, which is most definitely the BIGGEST of them all.  This little guy just made my week by giving me the easiest, most peaceful potty training experience EVER. As in, he goes in the bathroom, locks the door, takes care of things and comes back out after washing his hands.  Not what I pictured, but hey, I’ll take it (especially when I check the bathroom afterwards and everything is fine).

He is oh, so adorable.  The other day we were in the car as the sun was setting when he said in his little deep voice, “Can SOMEONE move the sun, please?!”  He was tired of having the sun in his eyes.  Oh, we laughed so hard.  Cute kid.

Even cuter now that he wears underwear.  Thanks, little guy!

Well, the baby is screaming after a 20 minute catnap that I hoped would last for hours (it is 11pm, after all) so I’ll wrap it up there.  I have a busy week coming next week with 3 deadlines that I care a lot about, a fussy baby, and the kindergarten driving to do.  I hope it all comes together!  I’m sure it will, one step at a time.

I hope you have a great week, full of little steps in good directions!

Hopeful Homemaker

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