Monday Morning Messes

Does your house look like this on Monday mornings?

messy floor

Sometimes I’m amazed at how much recovery my house needs after the weekend.  But then, sometimes it needs it every 2 hours.  Toys, shoes, socks, games, castoff items from school backpacks…

messy floor 2

Whenever my house looks like this, I try to remember a quote I read as a new mom many years ago.  It’s lengthy, but worth reading.  Let me share:

“Trying to look at clutter with more spiritual eyes taught me two things.  First, I tried to understand the nature of clutter itself — what does clutter represent?  What things do we regard as clutter?  Toys played with and not put away, dirty dishes to be washed, coats not hung up, books read and not put away.  Toys, dishes, clothes, books; children, food, warmth, intelligence.  Clutter is a by-product of life being lived.  Clutter is a mirror reflecting some of our sweetest blessings.  Go ahead — look at this mess.  Look at this beautiful, wonderful mess.  Thank you, Lord.  Now let’s tidy up.

“The second thing I learned about clutter is what it is not.  Unlike the spiritual qualities of purity, order, and beauty, clutter is temporal.  The word temporal is closely related to another word: temporary.  Clutter and dirt are temporary.  Order, purity, and beauty are permanent.  Always there.  Always to be found.  Sometimes quite buried but there nonetheless.  Pick up and wash, and there they are.  They were there all along.  As spiritual principles, order, purity, and beauty are not only true, but they are also attributes of God himself and of the god-nature within us.  As we pick up the clutter, wipe away the dirt, and beautify our homes, we are allowing those attributes freer expression.  When we clean, order, and beautify our homes, we bless our homes, and our work becomes a holy work, a work that can feed our spirits and sustain our souls.”

– Joan B. MacDonald, from The Holiness of Everyday Life, Deseret Book Company, 1995, p.20-21 My wish for you this morning and every morning:  May your spirit be fed as you take care of the evidence of your greatest blessings:  family.

Have a great day!



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