Sometimes things are purely a matter of  location and timing.  I was in TJ Maxx this week looking for something specific (that they DIDN’T have) when I came across a lovely cable knit blanket in the clearance section that had no tag on it.  On a whim, I took it to the registers with me to see if they could come up with a decent price.

cable knit blanket

Well, while I waited in line I noticed the manager talking to an employee about markdowns and moving merchandise and so forth.  He seemed a little anxious about it all.  When it was my turn to pay, I showed them the blanket, pointed out several snags in it but also acknowledged that it was very clean and much of it looks great.  Well, the cashier took it to the manager I’d overheard and asked him for a price…..

“Three dollars.”  he said.

I pretended like I wasn’t shocked it was so little and happily said I’d take it.  Three dollars!  It’s so pretty!  It’s really light weight, and I love the pattern on it.  My favorite thing, though, is the contrasting twill trim around the edges.  Seriously?  Three dollars?  It would have cost at least twice that if I’d found it at the thrift store!

cable knit blanket with contrasting twill trim

So my couch is now sporting a lovely new blanket that is a perfect weight for spring.  I’ve been thinking it would be nice to have a cream or white colored blanket.  Sure, it has some flaws, but that simply means I don’t have to feel so bugged when my children add to those flaws as soon as they notice its existence.  That’s the best use I’ve made of $3 in a long time!  Fun!


  • Wow! Did you ever get a great bargain! Now that is my kind of deal!! It really is a lovely blanket too.
    I just found your blog this morning so I thought that I would stop by to visit. I’ll look around some, but I’m sure I’ll be back.

  • Krisrten

    nice. you are lucky! the best thing I scored at TJ Maxx was some nail polish for $1. 🙂

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