Six Months of Sweet

Today marks six months since I first held my littlest one in my arms.

All day long I’ve been talking to her about the things she’s learned in that time, and she’s been giggling and smiling away.

She sat upright for at least 5 minutes today while I snapped a bunch of pictures.

Big stretch!

I kept taking her pacifier out of her mouth and she’d grab it and put it back in, then smile at me from behind it.

After last night’s speech on mathematics , I must concede that all the laundry, dishes, sleepless nights and hours in the car are worth even one of these smiles.  There is nothing in the world like looking into the smiling eyes of your baby. Your baby who trusts you, loves you, and wants nothing in the world but to be in your arms.

I don’t think there’s a number large enough to capture how blessed I am or how much I love her.
Thanks for being here, sweet one.  Happy 6 month birthday!

Love, Jennifer

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