One Step Report #7

Well, this week felt more like walking in quicksand than anything else,  but at least we’re trying?!?
This week’s total:  45 steps.

A few highlights from the week:

1.  This morning we had a surprise request for french braids.  I was grateful that only 3 of my 5 daughters have enough hair to do this, or we would have been late to church!

french braids

Still, it’s nice to make them happy.

smiling girls

2.  Thanks to the Olympics (which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed), I’ve finally finished binding my Rouenneries quilt.  I’ll share pictures tomorrow.  On a side note, though, how do people find time to watch TV?  I’m being quite serious, here.  We never watch it, but the Olympics are an exception.  We’ve only had it on for an hour or two on a few evenings, and I’m amazed at how STUPID most of the commercials are!  Much as I love the Olympics, it’s always reassuring to be reminded that we’re not missing anything by keeping the TV off.

3.  I spent some great time reading with my kindergartener this week.

4.  Yesterday we got the toy room clean.  Major accomplishment.  If you’re one of the privileged people whom we love and trust enough to let up there, you know what I mean.  The kids have been happily playing in there ever since.

5.  I found a tutorial for binding quilts on my machine, so I whipped up a super fast quilt-as-you-go strip quilt for the sole purpose of trying this method of binding.  I’ll share the results soon!

All in all, I suppose the week was fine, but can I just say that I am SICK SICK SICK of cloudy days?  I’m crossing my fingers for some sunshine this week.  I’ve got a lot to take care of, and it’s much easier to function cheerfully in the sun.  I’ve also got a birthday cake to bake for Mr. George Washington tomorrow…..

Hope your week is wonderful!


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