One Step Report #12

Here I am again with another report on my goal for the year.  I’m almost three months into this and am beginning to see a difference.  Oh, the state of my house improves and regresses as often as waves break on the beach and recede with the tide.  What’s different is how I feel about it.  I still have moments of discouragement, but I’m getting better at focusing on the good things that are happening instead of allowing all the things that aren’t done to stand as indictments against me.  All in all, it’s becoming a habit to look for the good, to pray, to let go of my worries and to simply do my best with what I’ve got.   In short, I think it’s working.

This week:  72 steps.  I’m pleased with that and feel like some of the steps were very meaningful ones to me personally.


1.  Spent a lot of time at the school supporting my oldest daughter at various events.  She had a lot of work to do this week and she managed to get it all done.  It was fun to help her.  I love her so much and she’s growing up awfully fast!

2.  I finally found a minute to sew the borders on my Wild Thing quilt!  This one I’m sending to the quilter’s for stippling.  I’m excited to finish it.

3.  We ate dinner late.  More than once.  And one night it looked like this.

little Caesar's pizza boxes

I don’t share this because I think that picking up pizza is an accomplishment, or even a highlight, but because soccer season has started and what follows is the list I had in my car with me that night (minus names) so that I wouldn’t forget anyone.  Keep in mind that these events were taking place in 4 different cities.  Small cities, to be sure, but most of the gaps between each drop off and pick up was exactly how long it takes to drive from one to the other.

2:45   pick up 3:00 drop off 3:00 pick up 3:45 pick up 4:00 drop off 4:45 drop off 5:00 pick up 5:20 drop off 5:30 drop off 6:00 drop off 6:15 drop off 6:30 pick up 6:45 pick up 7:00 pick up 7:00 pick up 7:15 pick up Somehow we got everyone where they needed to be (and on time!) and we all managed to stay happy and cheerful during the driving.  I wish I could say as much for the 2 hour game the next night in poor weather when I had 5 children climbing all over the car while I tried to help my kindergartener with her homework.

3.   I had this idea kicking around in my head for a recipe and I tried it.  The family liked it, so I’m going to perfect it and then I’ll share it with you.

4.  Made it through a bunch of paperwork and re-organized the desk in my family room.  I think it will meet our family’s needs much better now IF I can only stay on top of the papers!

5.  We had a fun little birthday party for this guy, who very kindly blew out the candles on his “cake” while we were still singing and before the bearer of the cake could even get it on the table.  Oh well.  He’s “alarious” as he likes to say.  I guess he can’t hear the “h” on the front of hilarious when we say it.

6.  Today we re-instituted an old Sunday tradition and it felt so good.  I’m happy to be back  in gear on this one.

7.  I was home from Church today with two little ones with runny noses.  During that time I was able to do some reading and I feel so spiritually fed by it.  I wish I could have a whole day or two to digest all of the thoughts and feelings I had so I could really implement them in our home, but I’ll work at it.  It’s been a while since I started a new week with such a great feeling in my heart.

I hope your weekend has been wonderful and that your new week is full of meaningful steps!



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