Everyday Beauty

It was snowing this morning, some of the biggest, most beautiful flakes I’ve ever seen.  It was a wonder to behold as they fluttered softly to the ground, so many of them swirling in the sky above that you had to pause and marvel at a God that can make water do something so amazing.

Life gets so busy, and in the busyness it’s easy to lose sight of how much beauty there is to appreciate in the mundane activities we pursue.  But every once in a while I wake up to simple, everyday beauty.

colander with pasta

The other day as I drained my pasta for dinner, it struck me how beautiful it looked next to the bright blue of my colander.  Color.  I am so, so thankful for color!  I paused to marvel for a second and give thanks for food.  It took only a minute but it changed how I felt about preparing dinner for my family.  I felt more grateful when we bowed our heads to pray.

I believe that everyday beauty is a gift, always waiting for us to notice, appreciate, and give thanks for it.  It reminds me that God is aware of me, for He took the time to make even simple things beautiful.  I think He’s just waiting for our eyes to truly see.

What simple, everyday beauties have you noticed lately?

Hopeful Homemaker

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