My oldest loves to ride his longboard (skateboard) with his buddies.  Just last week two of his uncles kindly made a video of him riding.  Today while he was riding he somehow broke AND dislocated one of his fingers.


An otherwise fun day (and spring break) ended with this:

We’ll be seeing a hand specialist to be certain it’s healing properly, and hopefully no surgery will be necessary.    Meanwhile, school will be tough next week with his right hand out of commission.  Especially band.  You can’t play the clarinet with one hand.  Poor guy.  I feel so bad for him.

He’s being a good sport about it.  Nights like this make you thankful for so many things that you don’t usually remember to be thankful for.  Life is interesting!

Hope your fingers are all intact!:)

Hopeful Homemaker

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  • ouch! So sorry ! I was remembering and telling my kids the other day about when I broke 7 bones in 11 places in my writing hand nearing finals in college. They asked how did you survive ? I’m still not sure. But I’m glad its in the past! Hope it heals well and quickly.

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