One Step Report #16

This week was an intense one with some unexpected ups and downs.  All in all, it was a great week since my parents were in town for several days to support my brother and his wife as they graduated from college.  This also meant that my sister and her husband came to stay with us.  I’m realizing that the college years won’t last forever and that I’ve got to really treasure these times.  It was a nice weekend.

This week’s report:  43 steps.  Doesn’t seem like many, considering how hard we worked, but some of those steps were large ones.


1.  We survived a few more medical speed bumps, including my oldest son’s surgery, my youngest son’s stitches, my baby falling and cutting her ear, my husband smashing his finger… you get the picture.  We’re starting to answer phone calls with “who’s hurt?”

2.  We got the basement cleaned up.  We put together more shelves in the storage room, assembled the Double Shot, and got the ping pong table ready to go.  The children have been playing there ever since.

3.  My younger children and I enjoyed the sunny days this week with picnics in our backyard.

4.  We had a fun birthday/graduation party for my brother and his wife.  They are so awesome and it was a pleasure to have them here.

5.  We enjoyed some late night games and a late night craft with my Mom, sister and sister-in-law.  Great memories.

6.  My sister and I got to do some sewing together.

7.  I enjoyed some very enriching conversations with my parents.  They are simply wonderful and I love them so much.  It’s a privilege to hear their perspective on things.

This was a week that had some hours when I was really discouraged but in the end I feel so grateful for the happy memories I’ve come away with.  Life is good and I am blessed to be alive.

I wish you forward progress in your goals and a happy, sunny week!

Hopeful Homemaker

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