Graduation Cupcakes

As a dessert for this party and keeping with this theme , I had an idea for some BYU cupcakes.  It turned out to be inexpensive, creative, and added the final touch to our party.

I used some dark blue candy melts, a Wilton squeeze bottle and a sheet of “Y” letters I printed on my computer.

I placed the printed Y’s on a cookie sheet and put a piece of parchment paper over it.  I then melted the candy in hot water and began tracing the Y’s.  I just moved my pattern around underneath the parchment paper until it was filled.

We let them harden overnight, baked some cupcakes and whipped up a fairly stiff buttercream icing.  I simply piped the frosting onto the centers of the cupcakes and we stuck the Y’s in the center.  TaDa!

For the kitchen table centerpiece, we lined up my cupcake stands and put a cupcake on each one.

We all had a lot of fun with these.  Everyone enjoyed trying their hand at making some Y’s.  As we did it, I thought how versatile these cupcake toppers are.  You could make numbers for a birthday party, monograms for a birthday gift, or even photocopy and trace logos for schools or other organizations.  These treats were SO much fun to make, now I’m looking for an excuse to make more!

I hope you’ll try them!
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  • very cool. I love it.

  • That’s such a great idea, one I’ll definitely have to file away for later. Thanks for sharing it!

  • This is one of my favorite little tricks. Super impressive with a big impact and very little effort. I did it for my husband’s masters graduation with the logo for the trade organization he worked for, and was then accredited with. One little thing I’ve found is that printing whatever you’re doing backwards makes them look neater and smoother. The bottom is perfectly flat, so it looks more even and professional.

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