Who’s got the passa?

We were trying to go somewhere.  My two year-old was getting ready to go when she suddenly said, where’s my passa?  (Yes, we need to take it away, but sometimes it’s so great to be able to calm ONE of them down easily!  This is one of my goals for the summer.)

I picked up the baby who was crawling around the room and held her, facing away from me while we scoured the room in search of the passa.  We couldn’t find it, so I went and got a replacement.

A few minutes later, still holding the baby, we went to get in the car.  I turned her around and set her in her carseat so I could buckle her.  And there was the passa, in her mouth!

We all laughed that she stole her big sister’s passa while her own was clipped to her shirt!  I guess maybe they’re like shoes, you can’t have too many?!?

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