The Fourth Little Pig

This week is National Childrens Book Week.  To celebrate I’ll be sharing one of my favorite childrens books each day.  I’ve already shared my #1 favorite from my own childhood here .  There are a lot of gems that I’ve discovered as a mother as well.  Today’s book is, unfortunately, out of print, but it’s so good that I have to share it anyway.   You can find copies if you’re willing to pay a bit more for it.  It was already out of print when I purchased my copy years ago and I haven’t regretted it.

The Fourth Little Pig is written by Teresa Celsi and illustrated by Doug Cushman.  The story begins with three little pigs in a brick house, hiding from the big bad wolf.  Only they’ve been there so long that there is no longer a wolf threat.  Their sister knocks on the door and is surprised by their fearful response to her knock.    She insists that there are other things they should be doing with their lives.

When the three brothers continue to cower in fear despite her assurance that there is no wolf, in exasperation SHE blows their brick house down and forces them to face the world.

At last the brothers look around and discover a world full of  opportunity, with no wolves in sight.

They dust themselves off and get busy experiencing life.  Their sister departs for a life of adventure.

This is a short, sweet book with very few words.   What I love about it is the message.  I love the reminder that we cannot hide behind our fears.  We’ve got to make life happen and not waste it worrying about all the things that might go wrong.  The lesson is taught in a light, fun tone.  My children always want it read again, and it’s a clever spin-off on the traditional story of the three little pigs and the big bad wolf.  I’ve also found that it can be a fun book to share with teens, as it is a good take-off point for discussion.

I’m off to find a door to open!

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