Fairy Wings

What would you do if you were a fairy who was born without wings?

The heroine of this book is Fia, a fairy who has just that problem.  Rejected by her beautiful sisters and the other fairies, her only friends are animals.

That is, until one day she meets a boy fairy and fixes his wing.  Little does she know he is the prince.

At the ball Fia is humiliated because she has no wings.  She leaves, heartbroken.  Minutes later all the fairies are captured by the troll and Fia alone is left.  In spite of the unkindness she has suffered at the hands of her people, Fia chooses to try to save them.  It takes courage, intellingence and effort, but in the end she is triumphant.  She also receives the reward of being appreciated for who she is.

Fairy Wings is a book that reminds us that we may always choose our response.  Fia’s choice to  answer unkindness with kindness provides a lesson in taking the high road.  It is also a reminder that what we look like on the outside is not the measure of who we are.  We always enjoy reading this gem, my girls in particular.  Unfortunately, it is out of print (too many of the best books are)  but you can find used paperback copies for sale here .  Hope you enjoy it!

Hopeful Homemaker

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