One Step Report #22

What a week it has been!  Tonight we sit in my family room talking with my sister and her husband.  They are staying with us for the weekend, and we’re having a wonderful time.  It’s hard to believe that a week ago we were in Denver, and a few days ago my son became a teenager.  The week has been long and yet short, full of work and fun.  I’m tired, but happy.

Tonight we went outside to take a walk after dinner.  The sky looked like this and yet it was raining drops of water so large that the wet spots on our driveway were 1-2 inches in diameter.

Rain in sunshine has always been one of my favorite kinds of weather.  We certainly enjoyed it tonight!

This week’s report:  52 steps.  As I said, it was a busy, happy week.


1.  On Memorial Day we went camping and had 3 elk come down into our camping area.  It was amazing.  I took some pictures which I’ll share soon.

2.  I started reading another biography, this one about Henry Knox.  I’ve always admired him and am really excited to be reading about his life.  More to come on him, too.

3.  Today I made a new dessert one that I dreamed up in my mind a few weeks ago.  It tastes pretty good.  I’m going to fine tune it and will share it soon.

4.  This week I cleaned and washed clothes over and over again, and yesterday my house actually looked somewhat clean.  Hooray!

5.  We’re making great memories with our cousins who are here staying with us.

6.  Tonight some of my children watched a dog die.  It was sad but also a good learning experience.

7.  We got the toyroom clean and I managed to thin out the toys a little bit.  It’s nice to take care of less stuff.

8.  My baby cut her second tooth.  She is such a little bundle of fun.  It’s so awesome to be the Mom and to have one person in the world whose countenance, whose whole body, is filled with happiness and energy at the mere sight of you.  It’s a lot of work, but I love being loved and wanted.  She’s growing too fast and will be walking soon, but she still loves me and wants to be in my arms.   I feel blessed.

I know it’s summer vacation and that I should relax, but I’m a little stressed about getting ready for our annual trip to the beach  and meeting a deadline this coming week.  I’m sure it will work out, and I’ll feel better about it once I just dive in and get to work.

Life is good.  Have a great week!

Hopeful Homemaker

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