Ten Months

Today my baby is 10 months old.   She is in one of my favorite stages, so full of joy and excitement.  This morning she woke up earlier than the others and my husband and I snuggled with her for a while.  After she ate, she gave us the cutest smile of all time:  sleepy, full, content.  I hope I never forget what it looked like.  It was a smile of utter happiness.

She’s climbing up on everything, walking along the edge of the couch, standing on her own when she feels brave.  I keep telling myself that she’s still little, but when I walked around the corner and saw this, I had to admit she’s growing.

She could hear all the big kids playing on the porch and wanted so much to see what they were doing.

This week she learned how to sit in grass with her legs up.  She doesn’t like how prickly it is, so she figured out how to balance with only her diaper touching the ground.

I love her enthusiasm for food.  She now has two teeth and can chomp on much of what the family eats.

I also love watching her when she’s full and getting tired, but she doesn’t want to stop eating.  She lays her head down and takes a few more bites.

I love this little girl so much.  I love the way she’s so flexible that she just folds up into a little ball when you hold her.  I love the way she snuggles with me.  I love her smile, and I love her eyes.  I’m so glad she’s here and she’s ours.

Hopeful Homemaker

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