Strawberries ‘n Cream plates

One of my summer goals is to get rid of everything we don’t need, everything that doesn’t enhance our life as a family.  It’s a bit tricky to reconcile this with my love of thrifting and old things.  Mostly it means I’m staying away from my favorite places.

I did, however, stop at a yard sale with my daughter for about 3 minutes the other day, and these little beauties were too sweet to leave behind.

It’s a set of four little bread plates, 6 inches in diameter, and I scored them for 25 cents each.

They all have the same markings on the bottom, but I like the variation in the patterns from plate to plate, like the different widths of the brown stripe around the edges (seen above).  Two of them have strawberries and leaves that are deeper in color, and two are lighter in hue, as if they’ve faded with time.  I like them both.

The marking on the bottom indicates they were made in Japan but there is no manufacturer listed.  Research shows an almost identical looking pattern made by Sheffied, also in Japan, but the marking on them is printed inside a strawberry shape.  It appears that they’re probably from the 80’s.

This is the kind of thrifting I can still feel good about.  I spent only $1.00 and with so many young children in our home, small plates are constantly in use.  I like having mis-matched salad and bread plates to use with my all-white dinner plates.  It’s a pretty way to mix things up.

Now all we need is strawberries and cream!

Hopeful Homemaker

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