Building Blocks

Balance.  It’s one of the great, all-too-often-elusive things we search for in life, especially as mothers.

One of the great challenges to achieving balance is how we schedule our time.  I freely acknowledge that our family is very busy, sometimes too busy, with extra-curricular activities.    Yet this summer I feel like we just might have found it.  A few activities and LOTS of down time for old-fashioned play.

Minutes ago I witnessed an eleven year old sister and four year old brother building blocks together.

Here’s the conversation:
4 year old:  “I forgot how old you are.”
11 year old:  “Almost 12.”
4 year old:  “Oh.  How old is (big brother)?”
11 year old:  “Nine.”
4 year old:  “How old is (big sister)?”
11 year old:  “Seven.”
4 year old: “Did you know that means that you are TOTALLY older than them?”

They used every last block we have to complete the masterpiece, then ran off together in search of more “guys” to populate the castle.

They’re building so much more than block structures.  They’re building a relationship, memories.

We must be doing something right. (As opposed to yesterday when I thought I was probably doing everything wrong because a few of them insisted on fighting. All. Day. Long.)

It makes me happy to observe them, and oh, so grateful for days when we can just STAY HOME.


Hopeful Homemaker

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  • so cute! My new calling is the Primary president (aka nursery person since that is the only primary in our ward) and i keep comparing the kids to yours for ages, developmental stage, etc. trust me yours are way more calm. and cuter 🙂

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