In the middle of Luke’s account of the birth of Jesus Christ, placed between verses describing the experiences and reactions of the shepherds on that history-changing night, twelve words sum up Mary’s response.  “But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart.” (Luke 2:19, King James Version) While Mary’s experience is undoubtedly singular, I believe that the experience of keeping things to ponder in our hearts is a common one for women.

I have found that each of my children, at times, enter new stages of growth which offer me a rich harvest of little things to ponder and marvel at.  I do not speak of daydreams or hopes about how so-and-so will turn out, but about moments when I clearly glimpse the eternal soul inside the growing body and am awed by it.  It happens at different stages with different children, but I’ve found that it is always a precious experience.

This little one is in such a stage now.  With the big kids home for the summer, she visits me often during the day to get a hug, read a book, or spend time in the kitchen with me.    I welcome these interruptions.

She followed me outside before church on Sunday when I tried to get some pictures of the baby.  The baby wouldn’t cooperate, but I took a few of my toddler.  No prompts, no poses.  I just followed her with my camera for a few minutes.

She was so calm and serious, as if something was on her mind.

These pictures make me wonder what she was pondering, and remember all the conversations we’ve had together recently when she told me far more than a two year old usually can.

She is precious to me.  I love her dearly.

Are you pondering one of your children right now?  If so, take a minute and write it down… you’ll be glad you did!

Hopeful Homemaker

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