One Step Report #31

Yikes!  Another week has come and gone and our summer vacation is almost over.

This week’s report:  81 steps.


1.  It was a lot of fun to celebrate our daughter’s birthday at the beginning of the week.

2.  We went to the school to look at teacher assignments and class lists for the coming school year.

3.  We had several hail storms this week.   We made a memory watching them together.  The children made more memories playing with the hail after the storm stopped, and after they had melted to less than half their original size.

4.  I got to spend some time with a dear friend who will be moving soon.  It was fun to share a warm bowl of soup with her, and to watch the rain and hail together.

5.  Since the purchase of our Space Shuttle we have been a 4 car household.  This week we sold my husband’s Toyota Camry.  It was a bittersweet thing to watch it drive away, but a blessing to sell it.  I’m so thankful for all my husband sacrifices for our family.

6.  On Friday my sister and I drove to Colorado to spend some time with my parents and our other sister.  I also took my baby with me, who was fabulous on the drive.

7.  While in Colorado, we hit garage sales and a flea market.  We also did a number of other things together.  My mom and sisters are just awesome.  It was inspiring to be around them, and inspiring to watch my dad pack my sister’s truck to hold all the things we were hauling home.  (more to come on our adventures) 8.  After a very short trip, we drove home today.

9.  It was great to come home.  I missed faces like this.

Have a great week!

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