Warwick China, Adam Pattern

I found these plates at a yard sale in Colorado.  Something about the pattern really appealed to me, so I picked them up to get a closer look.  I turned one of the plates over and saw this:

1945!  My heart started beating a little bit faster.   I should have known.  I seem to have an innate ability to pick out and love things dating to the 40’s.  The other plates read 1945, 1947, and this one had a different stamp on the back, dating to 1940.  Seventy years old.  So cool.

I approached the woman selling them and when she saw what I held she said, “Oh, I love those.”  I asked where she got them, and she said that her friend’s mother had given them to her.  I purchased four dinner plates and a butter pat dish from her for $3.00 and walked away giddy.

I’ve since done some research on this china.  It was restaurant china, and the Adam pattern was produced in green, blue and black.  Warwick China went out of business in 1951.

Typically I’m not drawn to dark greens, but I think these plates are fabulous.  I love the simple elegance of the pattern. I think they would be beautiful to use for Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas.   In my online research, I found only three pieces of this china for sale, and a plate is selling for around $10.   It appears that I just fell in love with dishes that are hard to find!

Can I ask a favor?  If you ever see some of these plates at thrift stores, yard sales, etc. will you snatch them up for me?  I’ll pay you for them.  I would love to collect enough of them to serve dinner on, which at my house means 10 plates.

Warwick China, Adam pattern.  My new favorite dishes.  Do you have a vintage china pattern that you love?

Hopeful Homemaker


  • Larry

    I have the sugar bowl with lid in case you are searching for that piece.

  • Pauline

    I was “shopping” on the internet and stumbled across the plates, Warwick Adam dinner plates, salad plates and butter plates you are looking for at:
    I can also tell you I ordered some other plates from this site and used a coupon code JOLLY to save 25%

  • jennifer

    Wow, Thanks so much! I’m excited to get more. How kind of you to share your discovery with me. Have a great weekend! Jennifer

  • Delphine

    Hi Jennifer, I was also searching the net for this Adam Pattern because I recently found 2 of the divided plated at the Goodwill and fell in love with the pattern. I have yet to see any more of the 3 section restaurant plates. do you have these in your collection. Good Hunting, Delphine

  • patty thompson

    I just found five desert plates at a garage sale and I have them listed on ebay if you’re interested

  • Pamela Beirl

    Are you still looking for this pattern? Just bought one 5″ bowl in Green Valley, AZ. In the old catalog they are called “saxon low foot thick” #6165-11.

  • lisa

    I have at least a little over a dozen of these cake plates was looking everywhere to find out their value. I found them in a old abandon house that i was told was part of the underground railwaiy!!! Intrested to find out if worth keeping

  • Diane Siprelle

    Are you still looking for pieces in this pattern? I have a pair of custard cups that are just over 3″ tall and 3″ wide in diameter at top. I’m in St. Augustine, FL.. Perhaps rare as I’ve not been able to find them on the web for the green Adam pattern.

  • Peggy

    I have 8 dinner plates. One has a chip. I have 3 salad plates.

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