One Step Report #36

September.  It’s the month I wish would last three times longer than it does.  Cooler temperatures mean we throw open the windows and welcome the breeze to twist  it’s way through the house, cooling all it comes in contact with.  Late summer.  A season all it’s own.  Can it really be the 12th?

It’s been a great week.  A busy week.  An exhausting week.  A learning week.  A happy week.
Total steps:  86.

1.  We’re making good progress on our after school homework habits.  It seems they have replaced our piano practices, though, and we’ve got to get back on schedule with those as well.

2.  I am working SO HARD during the school days to whip this house into shape and implement a regimented schedule for myself.  I’m giving myself only one morning each week to run errands or do anything outside the house.  The rest of the time we’re at home, spending time with the little ones and working.  It’s starting to pay off, and I’m excited about it.  I have SOOO much work to do around here!

3.  On Wednesday night I taught a short class on a simple program to help you create a food storage plan for your family.  I feel pleased about how it went.  It’s such a privilege to associate with so many women who are doing awesome things in their homes.

4.  As usual, we spent a lot of time at soccer practices and games.  It’s crazy, but really it’s also kind of nice.  It forces me to get outside at the most beautiful time of day,  those dinnertime hours when the sunlight comes slanting down before sunset, casting a golden glow on everything.   I love the way my children look in golden sunlight, the way the colors of soccer uniforms look more saturated.  I also love the way the world sounds at that time of day.  How the referee’s whistle sounds farther away than it really is, the way things are both hushed and more crisp in their sound.  I love the way the sounds of the game and the sounds of my little ones playing at my feet all combine in my ears to make their own sort of music.  It’s a beautiful sound, really, the sound of life being lived.  Standing on the edge, the link between the game and the toddlers, all these sounds and images combine to create a snapshot of this season in my life that fills my heart with satisfaction and gratitude.  I am so very blessed.

5.  Yesterday our yard was full of dust and dirt and noise, thanks to this.

6.  Last night my husband and I attended the Adult Session of Stake Conference, and this morning our whole family was blessed to attend a Regional Conference (via broadcast).  Both meetings were fabulous.  I was amazed to hear that this morning’s meeting was being offered to more than 150 stakes with a potential audience of over 1/2 million members.  Wow.  It made me wonder why I allow myself to sometimes feel lonely when I’m trying to live right.  My husband and I literally soaked in everything that was said.  I came home with a list of marching orders, but also with the great feeling that I have already started working on all of the specific things we were told.  I’m on the right track, and that is a great feeling.

7.  Tonight our family went for a walk together.  When we do this I usually find myself falling back to walk behind them all, observing the motion of the group as well as individuals.  Tonight I marveled a little that they all belong to me, that some of them are so big while others are so little, that we’re such a big group and yet so much smaller than we’ll be when they’re all big.  What a wild ride we’re in for!

8.  My little one is fighting a cold, and had a hard time sleeping this week.  We’ve had lots of snuggle time together.  I love that.  I don’t, however, love that I’ve caught her cold, although my compassion for her is now multiplied since I understand how she feels.  Today it seems to be messing with my ability to talk; my husband burst out laughing when I told him that I’d just been bit by a zucchini.  (I promise the word mosquito was what my brain thought, but somehow my mouth got the zucchini message.  We had a good laugh.)

On that note I’ll wish you a wonderful week and hope that I can fall asleep quickly for some much needed rest.
Take care!


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  • Your presentation on Wednesday was great. I really think you should have gone last, because you left such a wonderful spirit! I am always in awe of you Jennifer, and so glad you’re in my ward so I can hear your ideas, heed your warnings, and feel good about trying to be a good mom.


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