One Step Report #39

If there has been a Sunday night when I felt too tired and busy to type this post, tonight is it.  What a wild ride this week has been, and yet my heart is so full of gratitude for my blessings.  But I’m here.  Habits are habits, and there’s no sense in missing a week.

My report:  74 steps.


1.  We rose at 4:30 a.m. on Monday morning to drive to Rigby, Idaho for the funeral of my Uncle.  I’m so glad we were there.  Funerals are events you’re never sorry to have attended.  It was a privilege to hear my 4 cousins pay tribute to their father.   We then drove to Malad for the graveside service.  I had my camera in the car all day, but somehow forgot to use it.  My heart, however, took so many pictures of the day.  Images like the quiver on my cousin Mark’s chin before they closed the casket, Mindy’s performance of “O Divine Redeemer”, the moment when Dave told the BEST story ever in the funeral, the line of sons and grandsons placing a last flower on the casket, the presentation of the United States flag to my aunt.  So many extended relatives were there to briefly connect with.  We drove home Monday evening, making a very LONG day in the car, but it was completely worth it.

2.  Because of the funeral, we had the privilege of having my parents stay with us Monday night.  We were all exhausted and only did a little visiting, but I’m always so happy to see them.

3.  Believe it or not, this is a picture of our yard.

In addition to finishing up a contract for work, my husband spent many hours in the yard this week completing the installation of our sprinkler system, with him being incredibly productive and me wanting to be productive but mostly just assisting and running in and out of the house to care for the little ones.  On Friday, however, we took everyone out with us and spent more than 12 hours in the yard.  The sprinkler heads were installed, the trenches filled, the lot smoothed again, rocks raked, sod delivered.

We laid 7,400 square feet of sod.

Yes, you read that right.  It was a massive project, and we’re exhausted.  We’re also incredibly thankful for friends who came and helped.  Believe me when I say that I’ve never loved the color green as much as I do right now.

4.  My brother and his boys came to visit for the weekend.  They drove in about 30 minutes after we finished the yard.  It is so much fun to have my nephews here.  My children love to play with them.  I also enjoy time spent talking with my brother.  He’s an awesome guy.

5.  We soaked up General Conference with eager hearts.  The Saturday morning session was a combination of watching on television and listening on the radio as we drove to and from soccer games, but by the afternoon session we were all gathered in for the weekend.  This morning my sister and her husband drove down from Logan to watch the morning session with us. It is great to have everyone gathered together to listen to a prophet’s voice.

6.  One of our General Conference traditions is to make cinnamon rolls on Sunday morning.  This morning as I put the frosting on the last pan, I had a sweet moment.  Facing my stove top, my back to the room, I could hear the voice of Boyd K. Packer and the quiet but happy sounds of people I love serving and eating a hearty breakfast.  I looked down at the cinnamon rolls and felt honored to have the privilege of preparing this meal, honored to have this gathering in my home, grateful beyond words that we have traditions surrounding this weekend, traditions that my children love and count on.  I was filled with a feeling of peace, a feeling of total contentment, a realization that I’ve done better than I thought, and a witness that we were doing exactly what we should be doing at that moment in time.  It felt so good.

And so the week is over.  Kristen and Jake headed to his parent’s home, Rich and his boys packed up to head back to Colorado.  My heart swelled with pride and love as I watched my almost 12 year old daughter gather her brothers and sisters together to “run” her cousins down the street.  It’s a little tradition she’s created just for them.  As they drive away, they all run alongside the car waving and smiling and yelling good-byes to the end of the street.  There they stop, watch them drive away, and then slowly turn and walk home.  The smiles on their cousins’ faces betray their delight at the “run.”

As suddenly as it began, the whirlwind ended and we were left, just the 10 of us, to pile in the family room together and watch the last session of Conference.  A bit of tidying the house, a simple dinner, a brief chat with neighbors and the day drew to a close.  The children are in bed, a new school week awaits in the morning, and I am happy to enjoy the pause.  Tomorrow brings another storm of activity that will last all week long, but tonight is low tide and my heart rejoices.

Have a wonderful week.


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  • Brent

    I love you so much!!! The yard looks so great. I sure miss you guys and wish we could visit. I’m looking forward to seeing you guys at Christmas time at least. Say hi to everyone.

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