Picnic in the Canyon

We drove up the canyon recently to enjoy the beauty of early fall.  As parents, this meant both enjoying the beauty of nature and enjoying the sight of our family together in a tranquil setting.  This post is people; the leaves will come next.

On outings such as this, I find myself falling to the back of the line.  I enjoy watching my children from behind as they walk, observe and interact with one another.

The little one, who slammed her head on a piece of furniture as we were walking out the door.  When I heard the thud, I was sure she needed stitches, but somehow it didn’t split her forehead open.

While we were eating, she helped herself to an uncut grape (prior to this I had always sliced them in pieces for her) and when we learned she could chew them up well, we permitted her to help herself.  She camped out by the grape bowl for the evening.

I think this little guy was ready to go conquer someone when I snapped the picture.

These people are my favorite people in the world.  Spending time like this with them means everything to me.  In a season of craziness with all their sports activities, homework, church activities and lessons, a night like this speaks peace to my heart.  I love them all so much!

Note to myself:

I went home that evening feeling great about the time we spent together enjoying such beauty.  Yet when I reviewed the pictures, I realized that once again my oldest three did a REALLY good job of evading the camera.  They’re all in a picture, but I’ve got to find a way to take more pictures of them when they’re unaware.


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