Lift up your eyes…

Saturday I drove down a street lined with trees whose golden leaves had yielded to yesterday’s breeze.   Strewn on the ground, they made a golden carpet, their color enhanced by the morning rain.

We climbed the hill to the plateau on top, parked and walked to the sidelines of our soccer game.  With the sounds of coaches and parents cheering children on, I took a deep breath and turned full circle.  The panorama was breathtaking.

To one side, a mountain dappled with colors of copper, rust and mustard, wispy white clouds creeping down the steep slope.  A crisp white church steeple completed the composition.  Ahead of me another mountain rose, it’s top wearing the season’s first coat of snow.

Next came a patch of turquoise sky the shape of an hourglass, which gave way to a view of the valley stretched out before me beneath layers of gray and white clouds with a single line of blue cutting horizontally through it all.  I studied the nuances in the clouds:  bright white, creams, grays and a stormy deep blue all layered together in soft yet majestic pattern.

A gentle breeze brushed my hair across my face as a sudden warmth touched my shoulders, evidence of the sun’s persistent efforts to penetrate the clouds.  Many miles south I saw a patch of sunlight.  The lake glistened with it, and three small, thin clouds  were suddenly bright enough to look as if they were the source, and not recipients, of the rays.

What a gift.  I shook my head in awe and wonder at God’s use of color and light.

I am so, so grateful to be alive.

Hopeful Homemaker

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