One Step Report #43


That about sums up my heart tonight.  The children are in bed.  Correction:  Seven of the children are in bed.  One of them is back out of bed.  As I type this the sounds of my four year old contentedly eating the dinner he refused to touch four hours ago carry through the house.  October is complete and with a happy heart I prepare to greet November.  You may be tired of my pictures of the sky, but I cannot resist sharing one last fiery October sunset.  Honestly, it’s been a beautiful month.

This week’s report:  107 steps.  Oh, how I wish this number represented forward progress in areas that really matter to me.  Unfortunately the week was crammed full of  urgent but unimportant tasks and activities.  If  nothing else, at least I have a list of all the things I did when I wanted to be doing better things.

With the end of another month, the current grand total of steps for the year is over 3,000.  Who would have guessed?


1.  After almost 15 hours of time in 5 days dedicated to his soccer team, our son’s fall season is over and we are officially done for a couple of months.  (Could you hear that sigh of relief?)

2.  With the end of his season, I am taking a leave of absence from my part-time, unpaid position as shuttle driver.  I intend to stay OUT of my car as much as possible.  Yes, we’ll still have gymnastics four days a week, piano lessons, Scouts, etc. but removing the soccer and lacrosse schedules makes the calendar look rather dreamy in comparison to September and October.

3.  I thoroughly enjoyed the things my four year old son said to me this week.  A couple of examples:  “Mom, my leg muscles are insanely huge.”  After watching the Math Circus DVD by Leap Frog, I overheard him walking around the house saying “And zero is our special friend.”  That boy is a riot, I tell you.  And for the record, I should state that he walked into the Primary room of his own accord today. For weeks he’s been laying on the floor to kick and scream immediately following Sacrament meeting.  Big victory.

4.  On Monday night I had a great learning experience as a mother with my two year old daughter.  Precious.

5.  I bought a new hair dryer this week after my old one died (when myself and 3 daughters all had wet hair and it was raining outside).  They seem to quit on me after only 6 months or so anymore.  Is it just me?  I’ve tried multiple brands, and they all fizzle out and stop.  If you’ve got one that works, I’m anxious to know what kind it is.  I’m tired of buying them.

6.  I had professional pictures taken of my little one this week.  I’m excited to see them, and really hope that one of them captured the essence of her.

7.  One of my dear friends who moved away in August was back for a quick trip.  I loved seeing her, catching up briefly, and sharing a hug.

8.  We had a truckload of dirt delivered, and my awesome husband moved it to where our flower beds will be in the front yard so that I can plant tulips (which are en route via UPS because I couldn’t find what I wanted locally). Somehow we got lucky and managed to schedule the dirt delivery when the weather was pleasant.

9.  I cooked some favorite recipes.  Yum.

10.  Today I had the opportunity to teach a short lesson on the topic of reverence. It was a great experience for me.  I know that it is never my own intelligence or wisdom that I’m sharing, but it is always an experience I enjoy.  Today was no different.  I learned so much.

11.  And just to keep things real, we have this picture from our ultra reverent scripture study this evening:

That would be me with three children climbing all over me.  And here’s proof of how quiet we weren’t:

I have no explanation for the thirteen year old who felt that taking pictures was an appropriate way to “follow along.”  All I can say is that we’re not quitters and we’ll do better tomorrow.

And so another week has come and gone.  The next promises to be an exciting one.
Have a great week!


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