Handmade Gift Exchange

After reading a post on my sister’s blog and in a moment of complete spontaneity, I signed up for this holiday gift exchange.
And because I’d never done anything like it, the next day I wondered what on earth I’d done.  I also wondered what I could make and how I’d find time to do it.

Well, somehow I found time late in the night last weekend, and here is the gift I made:

It’s an accent pillow, simply constructed with a gorgeous ribbon band around one side.  Thanks to my mother-in-law I found this amazing ribbon.

It’s got some shimmer to it, so it catches the light in such a pretty way and appears to have several shades of green in it.  I decided it would be fun to use in some holiday decorating, thus the idea of sewing it onto a pillow was born.  I used a beautiful white damask weave fabric for the pillow cover, which I think is understated but slightly sophisticated.  You can see the design on the right side of the pillow below.

It’s got a zipper closure so it can be easily removed and replaced with another pillow cover, or for washing.  It was a bit tricky to work with so many little layers of ribbon near the zipper but I think it turned out ok.

I tried to choose a size that could work well on a bed, couch, or even alone on a chair.  I think it would look pretty with any Christmas decor, but I’m hoping that since it’s only green and white it might be enjoyed during any season.

It’s in the mail and should arrive at its new home today.  I hope that my exchange partner likes it.  I’m both excited and nervous to hear that it has arrived.  In hindsight I’m really glad I participated in this exchange because it pushed me to try something new and gave me a deadline.  This guaranteed me a small window of time for creativity, something I was needing.  It’s funny how making things can make my world better.

In fact, I’m thinking about making one for our house as well…

edited to note:  I did make another one, and you can find the tutorial here

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