Little Mister Mischief

He’s at it again.

This little boy has kept me busy this week with all kinds of unplanned adventures.

The short list:

He filled his big brother’s bed with baby powder “just because I thought it would be funny.”  {Since when do four year old boys play practical jokes like this????!!!!}

He poured baby powder over all the Playmobil toys “to make it look like it was snowing.”

He poured flour all over his baby sister and then over the pantry floor “so we could have a dance.”

He carried flour upstairs and poured it in the bathroom sink, then filled it with water and toys.  No reason offered by him.

Do you think we’re having a problem with powder?

He climbed into his teething, sleeping baby sister’s crib multiple times “to snuggle with her”.  No comment from Mom on the effects of a baby living on a fraction of her normal sleep.

He spent many hours following his Mom around the house, sitting solemnly in chairs because he couldn’t be trusted to play anywhere.  Just when I thought he’d learned something, he would pull another stunt.

It’s a really good thing that we love this guy so much.


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