One Step Report #51

Wow.  Here we are with only five days left in the year.  It’s humbling and exciting at the same time.  I feel so grateful for the journey that this One Step goal has taken me on throughout 2010.  Never before have I kept my New Year’s goals at the forefront like I was able to do this year, and blogging about it weekly was the number one factor in accomplishing that.

Because my weekly report has been so beneficial to me personally, I’ve decided to incorporate it into my goals for the coming year.  I see no reason to do away with a good habit.  SO, I’ll introduce my 2011 plan on New Year’s Day, and be back next Sunday for my final One Step Report, which will run through the 31st.  I’m excited to spend some time this week reading through my lists from 2010 to see what sticks out in my mind as I prepare a final summary for next week.  The following Sunday will be my first report for the 2011 theme.

With that out of the way, here’s my report for the week.  Total steps:  97 Highlights:

1.  We loved celebrating our daughter’s third birthday on Monday.  She is my angel.

2.  I left my house messier than I’ve ever done before, but we made it out the door to spend Christmas in Denver.

3.  On our way out of town we stopped at the Doctor’s office to confirm that my teenager had, indeed, broken his wrist.  Lovely.

4.  We made it to Denver safely.  I was more stressed about the roads than I can say, but we experienced a parting of the sea in our own small way, with a starry sky overhead and passable roads.  I felt humbled and grateful for the Lord’s awareness of us.  And for the record, I’d forgotten how much I love the winter constellations because the clouds have obscured them for so long in Utah!

5.  We’ve spent a busy four days with this group of kids, nineteen in all.

6.  As often happens when large families gather, I’ve witnessed some moments of tension, but also some moments of reconciliation that really tugged at my heart.

7.  Our one year old woke up vomiting at 1:00 a.m. on Christmas morning.  She threw up all night long.  We survived.

8.  I managed Christmas dinner for 34 people.  I was so grateful for my husband, who held the sick baby all day long so I could do it, and for helping hands in the form of my sisters and sisters in law.

9.  I have thoroughly enjoyed some wonderful conversations with extended family members.  I’ve loved talking to my mom, to my brother and his wife, and particularly with my sister-in-law Kate.  It’s such a blessing to be related to amazing people.  Being around everyone has shown me so many talents and strengths they all have.  I want to be a better person.

10.  My mom had knee replacement surgery the week before we all came to town.  My heart aches for her pain and discomfort as she tries to recover.  It’s been a privilege to spend a little bit of time talking with her.  I love her so much and am so thankful that she let us come for this holiday in spite of the stress it created for she and my Dad.

And so Christmas has now come and gone, leaving clutter everywhere in its wake.  I feel blessed to have celebrated this holiday with my family, something we haven’t done in eight years.

I hope this week, your last week of 2010, is a meaningful one!


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