I am LOVING the sunshine.

I’m listening to my favorite music.

I’m making something beautiful with this:

I am celebrating my baby’s first nap in more than two weeks.

I just watched my oldest four children walk out the door to go snowboarding together, and I’m a little bit amazed that I have four children old enough to do that.

I’m marveling at all the things children can find to argue over.

I’m drooling over the turquoise houndstooth pillows in this picture.   I have been for days, actually.  The work is designer Tobi Fairley .

I’m seriously considering participating in a couple of online quilt alongs, found here and here .  The first, because it would be interesting to see all the different blocks people design, and the second just for fun.  Of course, I should probably baste and quilt last year’s quilt along project first.  If I do either or both of the quilt alongs the rule is this:  NO NEW FABRIC.  It has to come from my stash.

And last but not least, I have no idea what I’m making for dinner.  Not good.  Not good at all.  Suggestions?

What are you doing today?

Hopeful Homemaker

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