Eighteen Months

February 11 marked eighteen months since our youngest was born.  I couldn’t bear to let the day pass without some pictures of her at this age.

I gave her a cookie to eat while I took pictures and hoped for the best.

At 18 months her favorite activities are climbing things, emptying drawers and cabinets, and following the big kids around to do whatever they’re doing.

Her favorite song is Popcorn Popping.  I love watching her wave her arms and dance with excitement when we sing it.  The Itsy Bitsy Spider is also a favorite.

Her favorite passa is all of them.  She’s partial to pink, but she prefers to carry at least two with her so she can rotate them into her mouth when the one she’s sucking on gets too warm.  She likes them cold.

Her favorite clothes are dresses.  She has enough big sisters to know that they’re special.  And shoes.  She’s definitely a shoe girl.

Her favorite night time activities are baths and brushing her teeth.  She raids the toothbrushes if anyone leaves a stool out and carries them around the house with her.  She also loves books.  She doesn’t care what you read to her so long as you do it.

Her favorite toys are baby dolls and playmobil.  She really just wants to do whatever the big kids are doing.

Her favorite word is “NO.”  She uses it for both yes and no, so we watch for a no with an enthusiastic jump to interpret the yes.  My favorite phrase right now is “I wuv ooo”.  Talk about cute!  I also love hearing her say the names of her brothers and sisters.

I love this little girl.  I love her eyes, her smile, the way her hair curls in back.  I love watching her run away from me, then look back to make sure I am following.  She is such a gift.



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