One of the Risks

When you work really hard to edit your possessions, to pare down and use in your decorating only things you truly love…

then only the things you really love will get broken.  It was the only thing on the table and therefore the only thing that could be broken by a whirlwind 18 month old.  My ten year old summed it up this way:  “George is really dead!”

I am sad it happened, relieved she didn’t hurt herself, optimistic that I can glue it well enough to enjoy it a while longer.

Oh well.  Such is life, especially life with children.  I still have that bowl of beads in my bedroom and moments like this as reminders that my children are worth so much more than any THING I’ll ever own or wish to own.

So I gave her a hug and she said a baby “Saaah-yyy” before she toddled into the living room to climb on top of the piano.  Not the piano bench, the piano.

Seriously,  this little girl is like my oldest 7 combined in one toddler.  She’s amazing.

Off to find glue…


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