I Loved Being a Mother this Weekend

On Friday my husband flew to California for a few days.  He had a conference to attend near his hometown, so he went to spend a few days with his parents.

I wondered how it would go, if I would keep it together or feel stretched thin.

Friday night we did this .  Saturday morning I left the oldest two in charge while I went to a conference to hear Julie B. Beck speak.  It was awesome, and it did all kinds of wonderful things for my heart.  I guess you could say that while I was there all these previous thoughts, impressions and ideas sort of solidified inside me, and when I walked out of that building I was a stronger, better person.  I came home so happy.

Saturday afternoon was spent cleaning the house.  I particularly enjoyed mopping all my wood floors.  Have you noticed how cleaning makes you feel so good about yourself?  One soccer practice was tended to and the children generally played and had a great time.  Hurrah for unscheduled Saturday afternoons!

We had an ultra-casual dinner and watched BYU cream Gonzaga in the men’s NCAA tournament.  I grew up in a sports-loving home but we rarely turn on the tv in ours.  My ten year old son wasn’t sure what to think of his mother as she cheered on the Cougars and thoroughly enjoyed the Jimmer show (who doesn’t?).

Sunday morning came all too early, but we made it out the door and to church with 8 minutes to spare.  In general the children were cooperative, but at one point I did have to carry out my two youngest, one in each arm.  Interestingly, the only person I had to confiscate something from was the 13 year old.  Go figure.

With my husband out of town I relaxed a bit and put a frozen lasagna in the oven.  And then I did something I haven’t done enough of lately:  I called my brother in Spokane, my parents in Denver, and my brother in Mississippi.  I don’t talk to them enough, but it was sure nice to talk to them all today.  I paid a price for my self-indulgence, however.  All sorts of messy imaginative play went on while I was in my office enjoying a quiet conversation.  I have my work cut out for me tomorrow!

We ate dinner together and it all went just fine until my baby tossed her plate like a frisbee.  Splattered lasagna all over my freshly mopped floor.  More work for tomorrow.  Oh well, at least it was clean last night, right?

We had a great scripture study.  I think we all learned some things, pondered life, and felt the Holy Ghost.   I feel good about it.   A solemn family prayer as we sincerely prayed for people we know who are really suffering right now, and for others we don’t know but whose suffering breaks our hearts, particularly the people of Japan.

And then they’re to bed.  I’m tired.  The house is trashed.  But honestly, I loved being a mother this weekend.   I loved being around my children.  I loved serving them.  I loved cleaning my house.  And I love the little people that un-cleaned it for me.

Speaking of little people, one of my little people is turning 5 on Tuesday, and I’d better get to work on that celebration!

It’s going to be a busy week, and the weeks will get increasingly busier until school is out for the summer.  I know I’ll have hard weeks, and I’m sure I’ll have moments when the messes and chaos really get to me, so I want to remember this weekend.  I want to remember that I loved being a mother this weekend.  Even with lasagna on the floor and random stuff strewn everywhere.  It is a privilege to be where I am.

Life is good.  And it will be even better when my husband comes back.  We’ve had a lot of fun the past few days, but I sure miss him!

Hopeful Homemaker

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  • Brent

    It sure was great talking to you Jen! I agree – the Jimmer show is pretty amazing and I miss your family.

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