Spring Shoes

I must say that one of my favorite things about little girls are their shoes.  I am totally inspired by these adorable spring shoes.  Not sure what could possibly come from it, but I’m inspired nonetheless.

I don’t buy them often, but when your daughter’s big toes have worn holes through her flats and you can see the toes sticking out, you go shopping for shoes.  Even if they’re her favorite pair and she’s not ready to part with them.  And when your baby can’t fit her feet in her shoes, you take her along too.  And the eight year old?  Hers have disappeared.  So we all went shopping.

It’s fun to see how the shoes fit each personality and style.

I love the colors, the sequins, the smart little bows on each.   My baby agrees.

The only thing better than cute little shoes is watching chubby little hands try to put them on without help.

And seeing the random poses that seem to follow whenever my camera is in hand:

Have you got something in your life that’s just so cute you can’t stand it?  This morning I’m all about their shoes.

Hopeful Homemaker


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