Piano Recital

The end of a school year always raises the pace of our lives to a frenzy.  Trying to maintain ongoing responsibilities in addition to big, wrap-up productions nearly makes us all crazy.  I tend to resent it somewhat, but I’ve done a little better this year.  I’m trying to remember that the frenzy brings brief moments in the eye of the storm that are payoff moments if I’m paying attention.

Four of our children take piano lessons from an amazing instructor.  I feel so blessed to have them learn from her.  Their spring recital was Wednesday night and we cleared the calendar for the whole family to attend.  As I sat and listened I couldn’t help but think of all the collective hours spent practicing in my living room and how slowly, almost imperceptibly, they’re developing.  They’re improving.

I watched this guy and realized how much he’s growing.  He looks a lot like his older brother did a few years ago.

My oldest daughter worked so hard to master her songs.  I love the look of concentration on her face.  It’s a look I see often, a look that reveals how focused she is and how much she cares about things, even when she wants no one to know.

My eight year old daughter was particularly nervous.  It’s been a lot of work for her to juggle two instruments and I’m happy with her progress.  She did an outstanding job.

This guy did an awesome job.  His pieces were really enjoyable to listen to.  He won’t admit it, but he enjoys playing the piano.  He often goes to the piano when he is upset and I’m thankful he finds comfort in music.

As I watched his hands moving over the keyboard I was reminded of a year ago when he was playing with three pins in his finger.  I thought of his broken wrist a few months ago.   He’s had a crazy year but we’re working at it.  I thought of how big he looks and how quickly time is passing.

Above all, I am grateful for music.  Several of the pieces played by various performers moved me.  I love the sensitivity music conveys and hope that with time my children will truly receive this gift and develop habits and skills that will bring joy to their lives for years to come.  We are very blessed.


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