Sleepy baby

Our little one is the most determined child I’ve had regarding sleep.   She hates to rest.  She climbs out of her bed faster than we can turn around to walk away, doing it noiselessly and with skill.   We packed up her bed and put a crib mattress on the floor.  Still, she refuses to nap and it takes an hour or two to get her to sleep at night.  Two days ago my husband woke up at 4 am to find her asleep on the floor next to our bed.  She rarely makes it through the entire night since her first impulse is to jump up and see what she’s missing.

Occasionally it catches up with her, as it did during lunch yesterday.  I just stayed in the room and let her sleep right there since moving her always wakes her up.   She lasted for a good 45 minutes before stirring.

And then last night around 11 pm this is where she finally ran out of energy:

On my bathroom floor with my husband’s sock on one leg.  What a nut!  It’s funny that she’s our 8th, and yet so different.  They really do come as individuals.  It’s amazing.

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