Marshmallow Salad (the ONLY one I’ll eat)

A couple of years ago I tasted a salad at an adorable birthday party.  It’s the only marshmallow salad I’ve ever tasted that I like  (thanks Tiffani!).  It’s been on our summer menu ever since.


32 ounces strawberry or raspberry yogurt 8 ounces cool whip 1 bag small marshmallows fresh strawberries fresh blueberries Mix all ingredients together in a large bowl and enjoy!

What I love about this salad is the yogurt.  It adds just enough tartness that I can handle the marshmallows.  My children, of course, gobble it up.  Sometimes it’s fun to serve it in small dishes with an extra strawberry and blueberries as garnish.  It’s also a nice addition to the table at a barbecue or potluck.

I hope you try it!


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  • Awww….thank you so much for this recipe! I needed to find one easily for our function this Friday for the 4th. Looks yummy!

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